Episode guide

Here are fairly short summaries of each episode of Pokemon thus far.

I go by in what order the episodes played here. I know little about what the actual numbers are supposed to be.

The last paragraph or two of each summary are just my own thoughts. As you must surely know by now, I like to be opinionated. ^_^.

It all begins
Episodes 1 - 14
Ash Ketchum begins his Pokemon journey, meets new friends and enemies, secures his main team of Pokemon and wins three badges. Not to mention, wanders around lost a lot. ^_-.

Episodes 15 - 20
Vermilion is a seaside city, and the adventures Ash and his friends have shortly after leaving are all set by the ocean...

Fighting strongly
Episodes 21 - 32
Continuing on his Pokemon journey, there are tough challenges to face, including Saffron, Celadon and Fuchsia gym leaders. People to help, towns to save, competitions to enter and lessons to learn. All in a day's work.

On the road
Episodes 33 - 40
From town to town they continue, always travelling, and Team Rocket never far away.

Rocket's final glow
Episodes 41 - 54
Team Rocket have an interesting place in most of these episodes, a feature that is sadly diminished later, where they are put in almost as an afterthought.

Episodes 55 - 60
Ash is nearing the end of his Pokemon journey, with just two more badges to get... and boy, does he have to fight for them!

Levelling up to the League
Episodes 61 - 72
With all eight badges, Ash stays around his hometown, Pallet, to train... but gets sidetracked rather a lot.

Episodes 73 - 79
The goal is finally reached - Ash is now in the Pokemon League! And now he faces the most difficult battles of his life. But he can rise to the challenge, I'm sure of it...?

New Journey
Episodes 80 - 91
Now that the League is over, what happens next? A new adventure, of course...

Catch a wave
Episodes 92 - 104
Ash and his friends travel through the Orange Islands, finding new challenges and learning a lot.

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